Working Papers

Papers under Review

“A Green Light for Red Patents: New Evidence from Soviet Innovation Abroad, 1933 to 1991,” Michigan State University, 2010, revise and resubmit, Journal of European Economic History.

“Bad International Relations but More Science? Soviet Technological Spillovers and the Boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics,” with Maksym Ivanya, May 2015, under review at Review of Economic Studies

Other Working Papers

“The Idea Gap in Pink and Black,” with Chaleampong Kongchareon, NBER Working Paper No. 16331, September 2010

 “The Long-Term Consequences of Distinctively Black Names,” with Trevon D. Logan and John Parman, NBER Working Paper No. 18802, February 2013

“The Color of Lynching,” Michigan State University, presented at the American Economic Association meetings, Chicago, January 2012.

“Under-adjustment to Extreme Macroeconomic Events? Evidence from Michigan Households during the Great Recession,” October 2010.

“Is Intellectual-Property Protection in Developing Countries and Emerging Markets Driven by Supply or Demand? Evidence from Ethanol Production in Brazil, 1980 to 2008,” with Chaleampong Kongchareon, Michigan State University, March 2010.

“Financial Crisis and Growth in Nigeria: Evidence from the Community Banking System,” Stanford University, September 2003.

“Export Platforms in Tunisia”, Center for International Development, Harvard University, June 2000 [Harvard Business School, “Making Markets Work”].

“Export Platforms in Ghana”, Center for International Development, Harvard University, October 1999 [Harvard Business School, “Making Markets Work”].